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If you are a seamstress or a quilter, you most likely would appreciate being recognized for the work that you do. Like any artist, you want to put your mark on any and everything that you create. All artists sign their work, even brand names are a form of an artist signature. You spend a lot of time stitching together your unique creations, and then you have to take even more time to sign and dedicate your sewn masterpieces. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to create an easy to use iron-on label for all of your creations? Well now you can, with the Brother PT-D210 label maker, available online.

Making Labels

The Brother PT-D210 label maker is a very versatile and easy to use label maker that can be used to create custom iron-on labels. Write a specific note and/or dedication for the quilts that you create, and express your brand with an iron-on label that can easily be attached with heat onto the fabric of any of your clothing creations. Choose from over 14 pre-loaded fonts, 10 styles, 95 frames, and over 600 symbols for each of your labels. Want to keep a few different styles of pre-made labels on hand? No problem! You can save up to 30 pre-created labels in your label maker and print them at your own convenience.

To order your own Brother PT-D210 label maker and non-laminated iron-on fabric tape visit Image Supply online today! You can find our iron-on fabric tape in an array of colors!

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