Labeling Your Garden

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Spring is in the air, which means that gardening season is upon us. We are coming into the crucial gardening phase for many people within the next few months. Whether you plant sproutlings or seeds, it can sometimes be hard to tell multiple plants a part. Luckily there is an easy solution. Simply label your plants so that you know which is which at all times. Wondering how you will be able to label your plants and have the labels actually last through the watering, chemicals, and other natural conditions? Image Supply has the perfect solution. Create laminated labels with your Brother label maker using TZe tape. This tape will allow you to create water, chemical, and UV resistant labels for all of your plants. Don’t have a Brothers label maker? No problem, order your label maker and TZe label tape online today through Image Supply. We are your one stop shop for the best variety of label makers, label guns, and label tapes online at affordable prices.

Labeling Your Garden

As you plant your garden, have your Brother label maker and some popsicle sticks on hand. As you place each plant, print a laminated label to match accordingly and attach it to a popsicle stick. Then place that stick in the dirt in front of the plant. Repeat these steps for all plants, especially your vegetable garden for clear clarification of what each plant is. Once you are finished gardening, you will have a completely labeled garden that will last the entire season, regardless of spring storms, pesticides, and watering your plants.

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