Upgrade Your DIY Bath Products

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With Pinterest being so prevalent, many people are finding the inspiration to make many things instead of buying them; bath products included. With so many allergy concerns, and companies using fillers in our products to cut corners, it is no wonder that more people are deciding to create their own all natural products. Some people have taken the hobby as far as to sell their homemade beauty products online. Whether you are planning on keeping the products for yourself, giving them as a gift, or selling them, it is nice to label your products with high-quality laminated and waterproof labels that will stay intact through your showers and bubble baths.

The Presentation

If you want professional, fun, or funky custom bath product labels that will withstand months or even years of exposure to moisture in the shower or a bathtub ledge, try any of our Brother label makers using TZe tapes. Shop our Brother label makers online! The TZe tapes come in an array of background and text color choices, and allow you to create customized laminated labels that are UV, water, and chemical resistant. Choose your font size and type, as well as symbols to create custom labels for your do it yourself bath and beauty products. Keep your beauty products and packaging looking as fresh as they did when they were originally opened for years to come with a professional waterproof label making system from your friends online at Image Supply! Shop our selection now!

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