Labeling Your Child’s Belongings

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Sick of getting your child’s clothing mixed up with that of other kids at daycare or school?  Every time you pick up your child, they seem to be missing something. Keep track of your child’s belongings with a labeling system. You label their notebooks and folders, so why not label their other personal belongings like backpacks, jackets, and other clothing too? With the Brother PT-D210 label maker you can create iron on labels for nearly anything.

Label On The Inside

Label any and everything that your child takes out of the house with them.  If you do choose to create and use iron-on labels, we recommend placing the labels inside of their belongings, rather than on the outside for safety reasons. Advertising your child's name makes them more easy for strangers, and predators to victimize.

Labeling Saves You Money

Go crazy. Hats, gloves, mittens, jackets, swim trunks, stuffed animals, cloth lunch boxes, and more! Labeling your child's belongings with ensure that anything that leaves with your child will surely be returned home with your child. Investing in a label maker will end up saving you money in the long run. It should allow you to be able to track down your child's belongings more easily so there will be less replacement costs.

Order your Brother PT-D210 label maker online today through Image Supply! We sell iron-on label tape as well to make labeling all of your child's personal belongings as easy as possible. Purchase all of your label making supplies and needs online today!

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