Easy Bathroom Organization For Girls

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The obsession that women have with bathroom products starts at a young age. We can never have enough makeup, hair accessories, lotions, body mists, brushes, hot tools, makeup brushes, and more. By creating a system for yourself or your little girl(s), you will be able to keep the bathrooms in your house more organized.

Affordable Organization

A easy way to organize a counter top is with a plastic bin pull out organizational system. You can find these plastic drawers at your local Walmart or Target for only a few dollars. Use the drawers to store makeup, hair ties, bobby pins, lipgloss, and more. Use one for just a little bit of storage, or stack a few on your countertop for additional storage space. Decide what should go in each of the drawers and then use your label maker to create custom adhesive labels for your new organizational system. If you have more than one girl sharing a bathroom, you can even go as far as to hang hooks for towels and label the hooks. Personalize each of the storage systems that you create with an adhesive label marked with each child’s first initials. For hot tools for hair, try installing a shelf above the toilet. Buy two cloth, plastic, or wicker bins and label those bins with each child’s name and “hair tools.” Use these bins to store cooled curling irons, straighteners, crimpers, and blow dryers when they aren’t being used.

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