Keep You and Your Employees Safe With Glowing Labels

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Now there are a number of different kinds of label makers and label tapes that you can purchase, but did you know that you can now purchase glow in the dark labels? Now you may be thinking what in the world could I possibly need glow in the dark labels for? The answer is safety in the workplace. In the event of a natural disaster or other emergency, glow in the dark labels may be the thing that is able to lead you directly to safety. Create your glow in the dark labels with the K-Sun label maker from Image Supply. This label maker can be purchased online at a discounted price from Image Supply and can be used for a number of tasks like barcode labels, electrical labeling, office organization, maintenance, and of course, glow in the dark labels.

How It Works

If a tornado, hurricane, or other natural disaster strikes and takes out the power in your building, having glow and the dark labels in your warehouse or backroom could mean life or death for you and your employees. We recommend using these labels to clearly mark all exits in your warehouse or building. They are also a great place to print crucial instructions in the event of a crisis. These Glowing labels may be the only way to lead you and your employees to an exit door, emergency first aid kit, or other supplies if you are trapped in the building. In case of power loss, we recommend labeling flashlights so that they are easy to find in the dark. The glow of our labels will last anywhere from four to five hours after the light source has been removed, so you have plenty of time to construct a plan or find an escape route.

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