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With our lives as busy as they are, we can’t possibly get everything done in a day. We want to eat healthy and provide healthy food for our family, but we don’t always have time to cook a healthy dinner after a full eight hour day at work, pickinging up the kids from soccer practice, and walking the dog. An easy way to have healthy meals ready in a cinche is to cook mass quantities of healthy food and meals and then label and freeze the food. When you are ready to eat, simply reheat the pre-made meal. It is the same concept as microwavable meals without all the artificial ingredients and unhealthy fillers.


Now there are a number of containers that you can use to store your food in. You can use glass tupperware, plastic tupperware, freezer ziploc baggies, etc. Now it doesn’t matter which method you choose to use to store food in your freezer, but it is recommended to use the same method for all frozen food. So that means don’t put some meals in tupperware and others in plastic bags. Consistency is key when it comes to preserving space in your freezer.


Now the next part is crucial, label and date the food. If you are usually on the go and someone else starts dinner, or if you have family members that know how to fend for themselves in the evenings, then we recommend also adding cooking instructions onto the adhesive label. Like how long the food needs to be reheated for, and which cooking method to use. This will ensure that your system actually makes reheating freezer meals easy and convenient for everyone involved. Since the food will be in the freezer for an extended period of time, we recommend using a Brother label maker with TZe tapes. The TZe tapes allow you to create customized laminated adhesive labels that are UV, water, and chemical resistant. This will ensure that your labeling stays intact and is easy to read at all times!

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