Save Yourself The Headache, Label Your Wires

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If you have a lot of electronics, you most likely have a vast amount of cords to match. With all of  those cords running all over the place, it can be very difficult to find what goes where and which connecting port is correct. Once you conquer that battle once, it is likely that you don’t want to ever do it again. How can you prevent this headache from reoccuring when equipment is replaced or needs to be moved? Clearly label your wires and labels! Color coordinate and mark your labels so that your system is easy for you and any other users to understand. This time consuming and frustrating project will definitely pay off in the long run.

Use Shrink Tube

Make labeling easy by color coordinating and printing labels that are made of shrink tube. Image Supply offers a few different options when it comes to shrink tube printers. If you prefer traditional adhesive labels, we carry those as well. However, for wire labeling projects we recommend trying one of the K-Sun Shrink Tube Printers. They have excellent warranties, are very affordable, and make labeling wires a cinche. We offer a variety of colors of adhesive and shrink tube labels for your convenience. Simply label and print your shrink tube labels and place them on the according wires to easily identify each wire.

Never get frustrated with trying to decipher where your wires need to go again. Make things simple and organized with shrink tube wire labeling from your K-Sun Shrink Tube Printer. Order your printing and labeling supplies online from Image Supply today to get started!

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