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If you work in a warehouse or laboratory, then you know just how important it is for things to be labeled. Not labeling something in a laboratory can be hazardous to your health, as well as the health of those around you. With all of the vials, containers, and chemicals around it is important to know exactly what everything is. Label test tubes, beakers, and other containers with regular labels to ensure that the container and the label do not get separated. When it comes to wiring within a warehouse or other space, labeling also becomes very important. You can use a shrink tube label maker to make color-coded and clearly marked plastic labels for wiring. If you store a lot of materials on metal shelves, we recommend creating magnetic labels. This is an easy way to label sections of shelves, and if you shift the products around, you can easily shift the labels too.

The K-Sun’s BEE3-EZ label maker makes labeling anything a breeze. This label maker offers tools for wire and cable identification with shrink tube materials. It also prints eight different barcode formats for creating custom barcode labels. This label maker is perfect for plants, labs, electrical workers, and warehouses. It prints wire labels, magnetic labels, adhesive labels, and paper labels for all of your labeling needs. Never question which is which again in the lab or the warehouse with the help of the K-Sun’s BEE3-EZ label maker from Image Supply online!

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